Screen spinning

Does anyone know how to avoid this screen spin. Is it worth noting that I’ve tried all forms of “Screen Orientation”? I want to leave the screen fixed as before. This started after the last Kodular update.


Already discuss about this bug but there are no response from kodular team


@Diego @pavi2410 Is there any update about this issue. We’ve already reported it months before . Kindly fix this . We are paying for premium subscription to get more consideration and to get bug free experience .

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I mention this once before

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But we are using kodular not MIT. Please fix this bug for making professional apps.

@Kodular is a fork of the MIT App Inventor project. In 2017, a group of developers who had contributed to the App Inventor project decided to create a new platform based on the App Inventor codebase but with additional features and improvements. They called the new platform Kodular, which stands for “Kotlin + App Inventor.”

Kodular is built on top of the App Inventor codebase and includes many of the same features and components as App Inventor, as well as additional components and functionality. The Kodular team has made several improvements to the platform, including faster loading times, better performance, and a more modern user interface. They have also added new components such as the Card View, Slider, and Checkbox, and introduced advanced features such as Firebase integration, deep linking, and in-app billing.

Overall, Kodular shares many similarities with MIT App Inventor, but it also has its own unique features and improvements that make it a popular choice for creating Android mobile apps. So if some errors occurs to MIT App Inventor it affects kodular users too. So the issue must be solved from MIT App Invetor’s side.



same problem with me but it works