Unwanted screen rotation

Hello. I searched the community regarding this issue and noticed that it would be resolved in the last update, but I still have the issue.

I’m facing an issue with the screen orientation. I want a fixed portrait canvas. But even though it is set to portrait, whenever you open a new screen, if the phone is horizontal, this rotation occurs.

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There has been a lot of discussion about this issue in AI2 Community and also in other distros communities, but, unfortunately, none of them could find a solution to it.

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Is it occur even setting phone orientation to portrait from screen designer properties part?

yes, also putting in blocks the screen has a little rotation when starting, if I have the mobile in another position.

it has a quick spin, the app positions itself in the mobile position and then it goes back to portrait quickly.

and when it goes back to portrait it ends up distorting the screen data.

cell phone normal position / other position