Screen Orientation quick Flip

My screen orientation is Potrait but whenever i’m opening my app in landscape its show a quick flip from potrait to landscape then landscape to potrait.

Please post a fix regarding this.

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It’s been more than 1 year how many updates have come but this bug has not been fixed .
This makes the application look unprofessional. please fix

It’s a known issue of Kodular and still it didn’t fixed

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Also problem in nitron?

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I have not tested on nitron.

@Sumit1334 recently introduced an extension called ’ orientation fix ’ That can be used to fix the problem . But we have to pay around 20 dollars for that . Why @Kodular didn’t fix this problem till now … :man_facepalming:t2:


Very High Price On This Extension Wait For Kodular Team Fix This Issue

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Which one?

I have money but
I avoid paid extensions because they check every time server-side.
Why I avoid paid extention?
The reason Low-end devices already have some lag. and sometimes display annoying popup

And I also visit there app to buy orientation fix extention but my mind calculation buy or not​:pensive: some confusion

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Hey friend, it’s interesting that your navigation bar. You used which extension, could you tell me?