Screen removal request

Hi dear admin,
i m kodular user,
can you please remove a screen ( ImportEH4904 ) from my project
user name : miras
I hope you will response soon.

You can remove IT yourself using:

The imported screen has bug so its automatically disabled by the systemimage

As far as I am aware only you have access to your apps. You will probably have to recreate the app from scratch.

@deanart2012 means i have to recreate the project ,because this screen is giving a bug in my project .
please did any one have any idea on this topic…

Download your project -> open it with 7-zip/winrar NOTE: don’t extract it -> go to src\io\kodular\e-mail\projectName\ -> remove the screen you want, two files scm and bky -> close 7-zip/winrar -> import your project


thank you @Boban

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I once had a corrupt/buggy screen and ended up starting the app over again. I wish I had known this. Oh well, you live and learn.


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