ScreenRecorder: An extension for screen recording

use Do it to find out, if all values are correct

use logcat to find out what’s going on

unfortunately the author of the extension is suspended in this community, so he will not be able to respond…

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I would use UseDefaultDefaultProfile to false ,initialize,startrecording

Very good extension! And thank you very much for explaining every block in detail. You are setting an example on how to present extensions or apps to the forum. Good job Sunny!

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Right and can you post the apk here.

You can use a Extension for that.

It’s available on AI2 Community in this post

@Mayur I removed the uploaded extension
only the author of an extension is allowed to upload an extension into the community
and everyone can find it in the thread you linked to
thank you



my permission code is dont working when i open the app i see this massage:908 error WRİTE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

where is a permission code

These are the permission needed.

Super :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

it’s so simple don’t need to press allow button.
just replace www1a to 5a and hit enter and it’ll redirect you to your website you wanna visit

But here question arises that why you want to download through shortened link?

Hello, thanks for making this extension. How do I make it so only the phone/device output audio is recorded? I do not want the phone microphone to record sound. Only sound coming from the phone/device

pls ask this question in apppro or mit community he is suspended here @DANIELSELF_DANIELSELF

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I think this extension can’t record internal audio.

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the author of the extension has been suspended in this community
for questions about the extension, please ask on his webpage here


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Latest version (v1.3) is now compatible with Android 11.

But not with Kodular.
I am continuously getting AAPT Execution failed error.

ScreenRecorder.aia (68.0 KB)


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It is not clear