ScreenRecorder: An extension for screen recording


Screen Recorder is an extension which offers a set of tools to record screen without root access.

Latest Version: 1
Released: 2020-07-10T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2020-07-10T18:30:00Z
Requires: Api 21 (and Api 24 for Pause and Resume methods)
Permissions: android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO




  • On Error
    Event invoked when an error occurs while recording
    error ~ text
  • On Info
    Event invoked when an informational event occurs while recording
    info ~ text
  • On Recording Completed
    Event indicating that recording has completed.
    filePath ~ text
  • On Recording Started
    Event indicating that recording has started.
  • Get Supported Profiles
    Returns a list of supported video qaulity profiles
    Returns : List< Integer >
  • Initialize Recorder
    Prepares the recorder to begin capturing and saving data.
  • Is Recording
    Returns whether recorder is recording screen or not
    Returns : boolean
  • Mimimize App
    Minimizes current app
  • Pause Recording
    Pauses recording.It does nothing if the recording is already paused.
    Requires Api 24
  • Reset Properties
    Sets property values according to video quality.
  • Resume Recording
    Resumes recording.It does nothing if the recording is not paused.
    Requires Api 24
  • Start Recording
    Starts capturing the screen and saving to file specified.
  • Stop Recording
    Stops the recording and resets the recorder to its idle state.After calling this method, you will have to initialize recorder again to record again.
  • Audio Encoder
    Sets/Returns the audio encoder used to encode audio recording.
    Returns : int
  • Audio Encoding Bit Rate
    Sets/Returns the audio encoding bit rate for recording.Using 0 will reset it to default.
    Returns : long
  • File Name
    Sets/Returns the path of the output file to be produced.Use absolute file path here.If you want to use default file path then pass an empty string.
    Returns : text
  • Frame Rate
    Sets/Returns the frame rate of the video to be captured.
    Returns : int
  • Max Duration
    Sets/Returns the maximum duration (in ms) of the recording session.Setting it 0 will remove duration limit.
    Returns : long
  • Max File Size
    Sets/Returns the maximum filesize (in bytes) of the recording session.Setting it 0 will remove file size limit.
    Returns : long
  • Use Default Profile
    Sets/Returns whether recorder should use default profile (set using VideoQuality) for recording or not.
    Returns : boolean
  • **Video Encoder **
    Sets/Returns the video encoder used to encode video recording.
    Returns : int
  • Video Encoding Rate
    Sets/Returns the video encoding bit rate for recording.Setting it 0 will reset it to default.
    Returns : long
  • Video Format
    Sets/Returns the format of the output file produced during recording.
    Returns : int
  • Video Quality
    Sets the video quality profile used for recording.ResetProperties method will use this profile to get default values.To use this profile in recording you must have to set UseDefaultProfile to true.
    Returns : int



Download Link1: com.sunny.ScreenRecorder.aix (21.3 KB)
Download Link2: com.sunny.ScreenRecorder.aix - Google Drive


Download Link1: ScreenRecorderAia.aia (67.0 KB)


Download Link1: ScreenRecorder.apk (5.2 MB)


I am thankful to following for being beta-tester of this extension and giving me precious advices :heart_eyes:
@Ken (Special thanks for helping me to solve bugs :hugs: )
A lot of thanks to Kodular for this great platform :heart:

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As you know I am still under 18 so my father does not want to give me access to bank account (I know he is correct :heart: ) so you can’t support me directly :pensive:
But you can support me indirectly by downloading extension from this shortened link :arrow_down:

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Once again thank you :heart_eyes:

7.External References

Audio Encoder: MediaRecorder.AudioEncoder
Video Encoder: MediaRecorder.VideoEncoder
Output Format: MediaRecorder.OutputFormat
Video Quality: Camcorder Profile

Note: Not every video/audio encoder supports all output formats.
This can help you to chose appropriate properties:
Media Formats

Hope it helps! :grin:


One more great extension. Keep it up and thanks for this amazing extension.

Very Good Extension. Thanks To You For Making Me Betatester

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Great Extenstion

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super good

Superb extension! An extension which might open up new possibilities for the things that can be done with Kodular Platform! :+1:

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Thanks for having me as a beta-tester image

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Great work

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Very good extension ! :heart_eyes:
But I have a question, does it appear on other apps ? (I don’t mean working in background, but like other screen recorders :wink:)

Give it a try and I am sure you will not get disappointed.

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Great Work as always.

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