Search bar help

Hello, I’m trying to solve this problem.
I’m searching for words related to the content but if the user doesn’t fill in the word with the correct accent it doesn’t appear.

blocks used

Thank you for any help.

your filtro procedure is having no sense

you can compare contains text for every item in the list with text box text, but in this way you should not try

String cannot be used to compare with the whole list but it can be used to check contains text with individual items of the list…

:arrow_forward: If it is airtable, then you can use airtable API method to filter an item or query

I will try to fix it, it was working as shown in the video.

this way it does the complete search, but I want to leave the search only for a specific category.

this way I search only for the desired category


yes i use airtable

possibly I’m doing it all wrong or making it harder

But the words in normal English is different and you written is different and i don’t think so normal English a is gone work for your written ã.

First get all items from airtable according to the category, create common dynamic procedure there by it can be applied even for On textbox text changed event also should get trigger correctly…

It is achievable by simple blocks

unfortunately I couldn’t reach it.