Advance search option link with airtable

What’s wrong with my block, please any one help me.
I need suggest a word when Im writtng on search bar. information from a

ir table,

Check airtable for empty cells or rows. Do not leave empty cells or rows cause if you have any empty cell or row in airtable, you will not get any data

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Check your select item block where you put get values in index

Advance_Search.aia (89.8 KB) This is my aia file, Can you please check it

Can you please check my aia

I did it but no any search result, what should I do?

Spreadsheet properties are empty in aia, no API Key, no Base ID. You have to fill them in order to get data from airtable

Advance_Search_App.aia (82.4 KB) I have added before but not working. Check this one New aia file

This is Airteble

can you check it… please

Are you getting values or not

Values for where ?

From airtable I mean if you getting values then it is a block problem but many times airtable doesn’t get values so check first that is you are getting values or not

No I didn’t use values, only words and image likes from Cloudinary. in Search bar didnt get any suggestions. Can you please get aia file and check it.

Post Full Blocks here. Your aia not working for me

You think its a problem with air table.

This is my airtable sheet.
I have put correct app ID and Base

Post Blocks?


Is that clear… Do you need closeup

Your calling a column name which not have in airtable data. Correct “subtitle” in Airtable column.