Text box problem

my text box is not getting the text what i am entring any know the reason?

Check the font color of your text box

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Or check if in properties enabled is not ckecked


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font is default

Post a screenshot of your blocks

yeah it’s enabled

what should i do is this correct

When screen initialize text box is empty. Use a button and move all blocks from screen initilize to when button clock for example


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not understand​:sweat_smile:


thank you so much

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i have connected my app with airtable spreadsheet but my data is not showing on spreadsheet i have checked 4-5 time my api and base id is correct

Table name ? Column names? Post a screenshot of your airtable

reply me please

Do you have any hidden colums? Since airtable can not have empty rows or empty cells you should use 4 columns named device id, name, amount and time

that was by mistakly hidden because of small screen

Delete all empty rows and try with this blocks

still not working single record is also not showing