[HELP] How to get accurate filtering results from listview and image

filter data and return listview with airtable, click to screen doesn’t get correct value?

Try this by getting position from values. and set get position and add +1 to it.

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that way for ,The result is displayed incorrect data


Try it like this

Can you show me your block

I have switched to two types of screen blocks that do not produce the right results

Sorry, because of the new aia export bug your aia isn’t working, just

It doesn’t seems that you have tried my block

How hard is it to give me what I ask for

FYI, this error comes from your blocks and not of my block



I want to find a solution to this article, so please help me when I need it. thank you very much.

Are you having a laugh?

Show your blocks.

I mean properly. Get rid of the error messages. It like looking through a grimy window.

Have you use a airtable for this app

I want make this kind of app that when searching show my data and then clicking on that open in new tab… my blocks are not working… when searching not shown my data… can any one help me please…

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