SearchShop by POPONT

Sorry for my “best” english
Read the title, it is simple

Usage of block (for example HP store):

.aix dev.popstd.searchShop.aix (6.8 KB)
Please if you publish this to Google Play copy link for my paypal.
I did not created paypal link yet, but when I create it, pls do what i wrote upper
Credits for eBay, AliBaba and AliExpress @ontstudios
This is my first extension I ever made.
Please create simple test app with this extension, do not upload it on google play, and send me feedback.


Nice Extension! Great Work

Hi, it’s been nice working with you. Looking at the screenshots, it seems you have not added the eBay block.

EDIT: I think you mistakenly put OneBay instead of eBay :sweat_smile:

It is last block

10q friend.
Can u give me the link of your extensions site if u have it?

@Vedang you’re hijacking this topic. Please remove your posts and communicate with the OP via PM instead.


Who? If it is @Vedang I wanted from he .

This is getting off-topic.

What’s the result will be

Probably a URL.

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Sorry For That

Result will be the link for search on selected store


nice extension

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You can also do this kind of things without extensions, and you will be able to customize your search more.


Of course, the reason this extension was made is for learning purposes :slight_smile: