Secured Countdown Extension v2.0 [PAID]

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Unfortunately, the error after a 5 min countdown is already around -4 seconds compared to a chronometer. So the timer loses almost 1 second per minute. A little too much …

In my test with a countdown of 256 days, the error ends up being more than 92 hours or almost 4 days.


Oh! I still have my app with a countdown till December 2020. I checked it almost everyday and I didn’t see any problem in it. :thinking:

Btw, thank you for reporting the bug, I will look into it. :+1:

It is not a bug, but it’s the usual (well known) problems with the Clock component (AI2, Kodular etc.) and also with the countdownTimer in Java and its synchronicity, although the latter is much lower.

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Let your extension (countdown) run against this one:


The first thing I noticed in your video is the temperature on the home screen. We are suffering from heat, but in your location its very cold. You are lucky.
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This extension is pretty good but there is 2 bugs,

  1. When you select Time between 12:01- 12:59 pm it shows countdown of 12 hrs less.
  2. When current time is between 12:01-12:59 it doesn’t show real countdown.
    You guys can check this in his demo app also.
    I bought this extension from him but he is not accepting that there is a big in his extension. Please guys check it and reply, so that he accept that there is a bug in this extension.

You can also use this method to create a countdown

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i have pm u… after buying…extension… i am…waiting from 2 day and 3 night for my extension…:expressionless::expressionless:

when i will get my extension

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Why dont you saw the block part ?

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problem with " second "

can you tell us how? it will help a lot of people


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What the issue in using a extension
There is also free extension then why don’t use it


people who have bought the extension, is it working properly? i’m planning on buying this and i need review’s please. thanks :slight_smile:

I wanted to set a countdown for my quiz app using your extension. But I couldn’t.
Is it possible to do so using your extension?
if yes, then how?


If you want to ask questions of my extension then you should post the question in my extension’s topic or Message me personally.

BTW a countdown for quiz can use the clock right?

I want to buy your extension