Secured Countdown Extension v2.0 [PAID]

Really Helpful .
Make Easy to Create Secure CountDown Checked Now .
and just brought the Extension Nice Work Keep it Up .

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Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why buy this, if you can get it free


I am a member of this community and I have the right to sell my work here. If you don’t want to buy then you can use other free extensions.


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Hi vknow360

Good news, my countdown extension which I developed in 2017 and made open source in 2019 does have a function to run a timer in the background, this timer continues to run if you switch apps and can trigger an event when the timer ends.

You can find it at


hey @lukegackle does your extension works with the device time or it uses some online api for countdown ?


Great question @hitesh, it doesn’t use either, you can specify the start time/date and the end time/date so upto you whether you use the device time or get the time from an API

thank you for letting me know . so this post extension is different from you extension ,. because this extension uses api and dont use phone time to perform countdown.

this post becomes inappropriate because free extension does not perform the same function as the extension shared in this post.

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This is getting off-topic.

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Yes I actually got the idea from @lukegackle countdown extension and I have no problems with his extension and I’ve used that in many apps. But I noticed that it returns system time so I decided to make similar extension which returns current time from API. That’s why I named the title as “Secured Countdown”. But some people simply open a topic and start replying on it without reading the post carefully.

I’ve clearly said that this extension uses time from API and not the device time. So my extension works differently than the other ones. So those who were complaining, at least read the post properly before you complain.

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Did you make a plan with for commercial usage, if not then it should be free…

I do not have a plan, but the website says you can use it for commercial purposes at your own risk.

I apologize for being late to view this good extension :),  keep Koding extensions doe ^^

Don’t take the risk :). Use instead, have fun!


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Thanks for your reply. As I’m a beginner in extension development, I’m learning new things so please consider if I made any mistakes. I checked all the websites on google for time API but I had some issues with the timezone. So I tried in the extension and it worked very well without any problems so I decided to use it in the extension.

Hi @lukegackle
Thanks for you reply as well as extension.Actually I am just playing with new extensions and asked that question in eagerness.But I am quite familiar with your extension.

Sure you can do that. No one is forcing you to buy or use this extension.It’s your choice and no one has rights to do that even.

Adding to what @hammerhai said:
If you are beginner then you can go with online APIs but if you want more control and customization then I would like to suggest you NTP (Just Google it :upside_down_face:)


Yes that’s true however, you should also mention that this API can go down or that too many requests might also cause this extension to be useless

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Yes, I edited my post.

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  1. Is There Any Event In Extension What After Time End? I mean How to perform another activity when timers end​:kissing: is it possible with this extension?
  2. If user uninstall and reinstall do it will affect timer to restart i mean if yes then how to fix?
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