Select list item: attempt to get item number 0, of the list ()

select list item: attempt to get item number 0, of the list (). the minimum valid item number is 1 kodular

I am receiving this message, that there is a list with the category, when clicked, the audios corresponding to the category appear, which is another list.
I’ve done research and tried to redo as in other topics, but without success. here are the used blocks, I cannot send the aia because it has a paid extension. Anyone who can help me thank you very much.

What are you using there,? It must be length of the lost but you have used compare list it seems.

Please give me the step by step to correct, as I don’t quite understand.

Sorry I am in quarantine. I can/try to show only the mistake (may be it is) using mobile phone.

Try replacing that block with,
Length of the list get global home


I hope you will get well soon

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Please send a screenshot of only the relevant blocks to your problem, not all your blocks.

And also can you change the blocks language to English when sending the screenshot ?

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