Sending an alarm to a user with custom buttons with action to open a url only on particular days

Hello everyone!
I want to send a full-screen alarm to users with two options; one to cancel and the other to join. The join button should open a particular link. Also, the user should only receive the alarm on particular days set by me. I know that background activity is not possible with Kodular but can anyone refer to any extension and explain how we can use it?? It is possible with onesignal but I want to open it in full-screen with an audio.

Theoretically it would be possible to restart the app at a given time, however according to Google this is not recommended, see also here: Android 10 (API level 29) and higher place restrictions on when apps can start activities when the app is running in the background. These restrictions help minimize interruptions for the user and keep the user more in control of what’s shown on their screen. In nearly all cases, apps that are in the background should display time-sensitive notifications to provide urgent information to the user instead of directly starting an activity.

Also starting from Android 10 the app must have been granted the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission by the user to be able to restart itself from the background. And in Android 11 this has been even restricted further.


Thanks, @Taifun btw is it possible to do it? What will happen if I do it? Will Play Console reject my application?

try the alarm manager extension by @atom_developer
it looks like this thread is not available anymore? what is going on?
but it is still available on his webpage here Alarm Manager Extension – Atom Developer

also all my links in the extensions directxory to extensions from @atom_developer do not work anymore for some reason?