Sending text via online

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Any particular reason to create duplicate topics? :thinking: And i told you in the previous topic that you should post in the guide which was suggested… Just adding some more elements doesn’t make it different

Thats because this post is not similar to that post.

In the earlier post you wanted to send message to a number via online so it’s same… @Peter or @Boban please look into this


This you have already asked so its a duplicate topic created

i m not sending a message , it is an data to the number via online

To me it looks also the same. Can you explain why this is different from your other question.

This question is “sending text via online” other question is “send and receive text to a number online”. Very confusing this.

In Chat app , The user can enter text and send to other user . Here , the data from the sensor is not an “Input” from the user. Secondly , there is no mentioning of the required number to be send in the guide which was shared .

I hope you know the meaning of a guide - it means to make you learn a particular thing so that you can make complex things also by your own… If you want everything readymade then kodular is not a place for you…

This question is answered by me but seems you like ignoring answers

Without the right input , u cannot tell it is correct at all ;

I just mentioned about answering you, and first of all identifting right answer requires to try yourself it works or not… And we are not mindreaders that we know you are trying or not… And if you have tried and facing some error then you should post the blocks and the error that you face

firebase error
permission denied

This is the block ;

Also setting firebasebucket to required phone number is not right at all. Firebase bucket is used to store the data ; how would the app know that the data is send to the number .

Have you turned read and write rules in firebase to true? :thinking:

i dint understand what u said

I think you need to know firebase basics first… Also to clear your doubt, if you sending a message or data to any number you can set firebase project bucket to that number and then store the message,/data under the number (project bucket) and for the receiving part the firebase bucket will always be the number no need to change it and so whenever a message is sent you can know that using when firebase change data

As i tld u , when we see the block itself we will cme to know whether it is works even if we test it or not .I knew this WONT work .

OK if you are so confident that it is not going to work and you are just assuming by seeing blocks, then you shouldn’t even ask a question in community since you don’t wanna try and as I mentioned if you are stuck somewhere you should provide blocks where you are stuck which too you are not doign and still you assume yourself right… Great work!!! :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::smirk::smirk::laughing::laughing:

I had send the block rn ; and what had hppnd is a fact ; Can u tell was there any problem in the block ? Why is it being shown firebase denied ?

i had called firebase and it is being denied ; the basic function is not working at oll;

which is this block?

And why don’t you right click in your work area and click download all blocks as image and attach the image here