Serum: An Interactive Novel

A while ago I created an interactive novel game, using Thunkable, and it was quite successful, getting over 10k installs and around 4.5 average review. After the changes that Thunkable brought in I needed to move onto another platform and I am so glad I did. Every part of my experience on Kodular has been a joy and I was able to recreate the app, with significant improvements and in a fraction of the time it took on Thunkable. Anyway, I have released the update on Play Store , so if anyone would like to take a look that would be great.


No link on your post. Adding the app link could help community members reach your app.

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Hi @Lee_S,

Welcome to Kodular. I remember your novel and read a big part of it in the day. Nice work. I added the link to the app.

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Oops, rookie mistake! Forgot the link haha.

Thanks so much, I appreciate that

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