Server down for two days

Days? It has been down for weeks…

Btw, what’s the point of checking that page…

I don’t know but it hasn’t been possible to work for two days

This is what I see in my Screen

Something is wrong on your side, creator has not been down at all.

The message tels you what’s wrong

Nice, good, interesting.
What Can I do?

You messed up something, as the extension is already there but for some reason it can’t be upgraded…

Or is it the first time you are trying to install it

No, i try toinstall the last version of Taifun File

I think problem is only with Taifun File

See here for a simple solution
(I’ve had the same issue sometimes with Taifun’s extensions).


Thank’s. After I Check. :grinning: :wink:

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