Taifun file extension help

I have an application with Taifun file extension but it hasn’t worked for some time … it does not list the mp3 files contained in my smartphoneblockstaifun
has something changed?

The current version is working fine:

can you download TaifunFile again maybe you have old version

I downloaded the extension from the pura vida official website in this moment but when I put it in my project it says it already exists

Yes, this happens sometimes, see here for a workaround:

You have an empty string in the directory name. Watch Ankes example again

inserting / storage / emulated / 0 / does not display any files … instead if I insert the download folder which contains 2 mp3 files it displays them

From an Android 11 device:

So which device and Android version?

Android 11

Ok, but as you can see it’s working fine for me.
Have you upgraded the extension to this one?


mine is version 12 can you give me the link to download version 13. I can’t find it. Thank you

from where you download it go again there and download again


Solved … the problem … The extension Taifun file did not update because it gave me an error extension already present … but reading well it says Taifun Player is already present … deleting the extension Taifun Player works well … in my opinion Taifun Player and Taifun File have the same configuration and conflict…is a problem for Taifun

I have already shown a workaround for this issue:

So close this thread by clicking on Solution.

I have an question to update extension with new version if I remove the old one then all block will delete then how I can update

And again (for the third time):

Is this only one way to upgrade??

Yes, in this case. But where is the problem??

no :lion: I don’t know upgrade that why :nerd_face: