Server error could not save one or more files

my app export problem please help

Try to reload creator, if error persists most probably your project got corrupted. Either upload a backup if you have or post your aia here so someone can check it

Try but not work

If you wish post your aia here to check it

how to solve

Post a screenshot of the error log you get when compiling project fails


As I said your project is corrupted. Post your aia here so someone can check it or search community :mag: for Server error could not save one or more files


Class9NepaliGuideBook_copy.aia (190.3 KB)

I do not know what are you trying to do with this project. 16 buttons that loads ads banner? And evaluate block for what ? Any way problem is caused by very long text strings. Deleting some of them app compiles

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I am getting this error today too. i believed this is because my connection is horrible. But besides it, I am not having problems in saving files to the assets or saving the changes I make in the app in general.

I am getting the same error.
I was about to make a topic with this video. There is another member who is getting the same problem too.

@hammerhai @almeidapablo No offense guys, but what has rendezvous issue whit the topic in question to do…

Personally, I thought that my issue actually had something to do with this issue, but then I saw that my projects were saving properly and then somehow the Rendezvous server came back online.

Hi, Boban.
I don’t understand what exactly what error means. But as I mentioned in this same topic earlier, I was getting the same error that the creator of this topic had. And I was getting this same error that Nathan had (and a friend of mine too). So when nathan mentioned it, I thought they could be related.

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