Set button position to the bottom of the screen

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In my main screen, i’ve put a label, a table and a button, one on top of the others. However, I wanted to set the buttom, that is bellow the label and the table, to the very bottom of the screen. My screen is not scrollable, which means that it has a defined height. I am a very beginner of Kodular and haven’t got much experience with CSS, but as long as I remember, in order to do so in a HTML/CSS environment, it was just set bottom: 0. Can’t I set CSS properties for my components? How do I achieve the effect I am wanting?

The button I’m refering to is the orange one, “gerar lista”.

Add one layout(Va or HA& move the button into it ) and set the layout height to fill… select the vertical position to bottom

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But a Space in between and set it to fill.

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No need of space. Drag a VA or HA layout. Set height percent to between 40 to 50)(pls test it), set the Vertical or Horizontal depending upon your layout ti bottom. Now drag a button into this. Until fits your designed position keep adjusting the height percent. Also ensure you will not be add anything into this layout.

If not use floating action view or floating view extension, and use it to your desired position.

add a label between four buttons and last button, set size of label height to fill parent , remove text from label…

Set screen vertical layout to bottom, and then put a vertical arrangement in the top and set its size to fill parent (both height and width) and set its vertical layout to top, and then put things you want to put on top in vertical arrangement and others in the screen itself

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The easiest way since the design is like this

is to put a space between table and button as @Ded_Sec_00 suggested and set height to fill parent. After all this is the purpose of space



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