Share location in App

How can we share location of map in application ?

Any one is idea.

I want make this activity.

Google Maps , Sensor Location , Clock, Database…

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i said
how can share location of map
in application.

i want do this activity

Like this I want show my app is here.

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i want share map location in my application.

i want it
map location to my application

not it
my application to map or any others.

Read the First answer.
And Study…
This is my Location :


i dont now on map but know with an extension

actually i want only get link of map location from data

example -
Dappar Camp Karkaur, Punjab 140506

i need only link

can we get it.

it is all text will be in a only one label.

You want to share link from google maps to your app?
If yes then you need deep link option in your extension

Give me extension

If u have so give me urgent

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you want share location in your app from google maps and other map services or sharing location of app that you r using your app at which place?