ShopX- Ecommerce or Shopping App V2.0( paid aia )

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Dear developer, it will be good if you can reply to my question as well, also just selling the aia is not enough if we are following up via personal messages asking you questions, you should answer those as well.

That’s what we say support after purchase.


I have one question to all who have tried the aia file. In the demo apk as well as apk i have exported from the given aia no matter what product i add to cart it always displays the same amount to pay.

Have anyone got any success in populating the amount dynamically there?
The main reason i wanted to see the aia was because of the payment thing, still not satisfied with my purchase.

Dear developers of this is a bugs with your app

  1. their is not login get success means when I click on the button then nothing happen. Watch video here
  2. when I added the product in cart and when I enter my all details and ,without any payment i get the tost message your order will be successful.Means u gave that product for free to customers ?. Is it
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Still waiting for developer to reply

Hello @shubhamatole22 , Why dont you relpy to @Meghraj_Singh From last many days he has Asked you a Question.

If you sell something then you must give support after selling it. Other wise next time No One will buy aia from you.
And this may also affect your reputation in community.
As being a fellow devloper we expect that others will help us and you though have selled a product to him so must reply his Questions.

Please be patient…

I Think so its not the case to be patient. He is asking question for many times but he didn’t reply.

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go to our website and join our whatsapp group which join link available on our site

For support our buyer we have whatsapp group which link is available on our site

for your information in this price we will provide aia file only and a small support is available with perchase but you have to setup aia file yourself

That’s totally your choice but atleast you must respond to your customer.

On the whatsapp group, there is restriction that only admins can send message then how some new joinee will ask question.

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you have the option of reply privatly to admin

purchased . thank you

I think the Leo Paytm gateway extension is safe and fully secure for payments.

Hello, I made the payment but I can’t reach the link. You left the whatsapp group, I can’t reach you from the mail. You need to send me the aia file. Can you contact me? Phone number removed by Mod, please use PM

i buyed shopx aia but after payment it shows invalid shared link. Please give aia through purchase email.

have u got shopx aia ?