Show picture with "set image Picture of component to"

i have image positions as shown, i want them to be displayed images in “Asset Manager”, (Image150 with 150.png).

ACuk.aia (21.1 KB)

Please guide me how to use block " set image. picture of component to"
Thank you!

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Add the image names and all in a separate variable. When screen init or on button click

For each number from 1
To length of the list get image1
by 1

Set picture component (select item from list image)
index (get number)
Picture (select list item list image2)
Index (get number)

I still do not understand

display When screen init

You have not set orderly the names for images it seems… see the block and output

No need of any variable… if you rename images orderly in number then this will give you accordingly

can you show me your block


I am not in system… if you are applying this method need to use certain if conditions

You are not having that same number of images in asset it seems. If you want to use first suggest method you need to create variable like

Initialize global image2 to make a list 150.png 151.png… like wise and in the screen init block instead of length of the list image1 you can use image2

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since you are having images with only 164, you can use this

you need to create another list with name of images too.

like this
blocks (1)

blocks (2)


The same thing only suggested in post 2. Also if he is having images name as number mean instead of making a length of list, it will be convenient to use as suggested in my pre post, I think. He is having more image blocks, so in future he have to add in this list , but prev method can over write this issue just by changing the to number alone

Let me try the above methods, and then give you feedback.
I have 3 screens, each screen is about 30 pictures.

Then you imagine which one will be better, variable with 30 items or just by using from each number block as suggest in my pre post

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