Signup Authentication block not working after kodular new update

Hi Koders
this is Sai
i am having a problem with firebase authentication signup success block
the login block and other components are working but the signup and signup success blocks are not working

Most probably the problem is in your code. Post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help

sure dora paz

here you go

Please look at the post i have uploaded the blocks image

can anyone help me to solve the error

hey dora paz can you help me out

Hi @NV_Developers Sai, pls don’t create multiple posts, you already created 6 posts which may be compressed into 2 easily (As this will be easier to be read by other visitors)… Also you can’t tag a user like that :

The correct way is using “@ before their username” something like this "hey @dora_paz "…

Coming back to your problem :
If your problem is that when user signup successfully, main screen is not opening… then:
Make sure you are typing correct screen name like Screen name may be “Main” but you might be using “main” something like that…
there is some error with you google account side… for this try using the SignUp Failure block showing the error message…(I can’t find it in picture)…

Happy2Help :slightly_smiling_face:

ok i will check

but mine is same

And what about it :

ok i will try

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