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Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Kodular.
I am trying to make a simple screen where you put in a password and press a button, if the password is correct you go to the next screen. If not, you are shown a notifier. Here are my blocks and the configuration of the text box


I still get the notifier when I put in the correct password “123”. I dont know where I am going wrong. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know why this wouldn’t work. Try doing something like this to test if something is wrong with your textbox:
blocks (1)

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Try to use compare text Text_box1.Text = "123" instead of logic operator

*from Kodular docs

Maybe use this? I really dont know why it doesnt wokr

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Me too, I think both strings and number shd work
There are some possible error I think of:

  1. You typed in another textbox which is not Text_Box1
  2. There’s a space in the "123" string but you didn’t notice
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Thank you so so much. This helped. However I changed the password to abc instead of 123. I think if the password were to remain 123, I would have to use the math block as suggested below. But your suggestion solved my problem. Thanks once again

Hi @Mohammed_M, may I know if it worked or not?
Besides, you may not know but you can only give on solution in each topic.

Edit: You reply earlier than me lol

I don’t think so. Have you tried?

Not yet. I will try it out and let you know

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