Logic "And" & "Or" issue


So i want to use logic block with “equal to” 2 conditions, instead of just one.

If value is zero or if the text box is empty.

I tried the “Or” block inside the logic, but the the pink text block won’t fit in the “or” block
Neither the blue math piece

I can solve this by making a whole another “If” block with the other condition, but … that’s not very practical…

Hi @Light17
Do you want to compare MS.text with an OR operator?
I think you are missing basics.
Start with the docs:

Try this

This is not what we want in Community.
Instead of giving blocks you should tell him that how he can do this.
Teach them how to fish instead of giving fish



I did this… it worked, but i still don’t know the use of the “or” & “and” block

The use of or block is like either… out of the conditions if any condition matches then it executes the code in the then section… And for the ‘and’ block it checks if all the conditions match then it executes the then section

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You can not compare integer with text box text and empty string at the same time because text box text may contains both letters and numbers.

So you can compare integer as string and trigger action.

But in this case it will work as ‘0’ is the textbox value so it will work with string as it is text

But he was trying to compare “0” integer as well as “empty string” with “or” block which is not acceptable logic.

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ohh yes for that post it will not work… i thought you were telling for his last post

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Well… i already have seen here a lot of topics with people showing solutions with images of the blocks…

If you got the answer to this topic then please mark the solution

… think about these blocks:

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