if else notifier

Hello :wave:t2: . I am still new in using Kodulars and also a student who uses Kodulars. This question may sound silly but why my block always calling the second notifier even if the text box is already filled in correctly

Try to use or condition instead of and…

You may try to use textbox1.text instead of using the textbox1 component in your if-then condition.Same for text box 2

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Welcome @Hafizzy_Armin.

Complementing with images what @Mohamed_Tamer solved.
The texts that are written “inside” in the textboxes, are the content of the text property of the text1 and text2 object.
Change to your green blocks to Text_Box1.text and Text_Box2.text. :thumbsup:
Read, it will help you.


@Rogerio_Rios try using or insted of and . It will be more efficient

“will be more efficient”
Please… don’t say that … :thumbsup:
OR - AND are logical operators.
They are used according to need.
If more than 1 condition is required, then you cannot use “or”.