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Hello. I just started with kodular and I wanted to create a simple offline quiz app. The most important thing that I need is, when the user clicks a button (answer), if answer is correct, they proceed to be next question, if answer is wrong the quiz stops and give them a score. And they have to repeat again. I would appreciate your assistance.

If you have time, pls read this guide… This guide takes the q7a from airtable. but you store all the question and answers in your app or excel file…

remaining coding i hope will be same to you…

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Very nice guide :ok_hand:t2:

Here you can find my way, you have to modify the end. My quiz is a time quiz , you have to set the end with wrong answer . Sorry but it’s italian language :sweat_smile: You can find .aia and apk to test. Data base is local with CSV file from Google spreadsheet or on line version :muscle:t2:

Link to second part at the end of first

Have a nice day

Also you can study @Taifun 's example A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features pro

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@Taifun Is always a guarantee, his web site is like a Bible :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot guys, you guys are the best :blush::blush:. I’m learning a lot. :+1:


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