Simple spreadsheet

hi all person. what is a options for simpl spredshet. like just 3 cels by 2 cels. i does not want it on clouds. must be witin app. just like tinydb. plese sugest.

I think this is what you’re looking for:

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i need real simpler. just a few boxes in text file type. anythnng is ther. liik that plese. but ty ken stil. eg
purchases. mango and banana, price rs 2 and rs 3, kg 2 and 4. this much is enuf. plese

Use labels inside an Arrangement to display text and Decoration Component to create a border on the Arrangement

Check the second trick

This second trick may not work. :point_down:

I also tested that but giving the same result as above. We have to wait for the reply of the author of that post to see how the user managed it.

Sorry it is my mistake