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Good night people,
I don’t know if I entered the correct title, but, I will explain …
I made a login screen using the fierabase authenticator, using the email and password. On this screen you also have the option of registering the user if he is not registered.
This registrant has a photo, name, whatsapp, identification document, email and password …
These data are stored neatly in the Real Time Database.
I wanted to do the following, that the system would only allow registration once, to avoid multiple registration in the database.
After that I hide the registration button.
Someone would have an idea of how I do this.

In the firebase authentication there will be a block called
Firebase authendication is signed in

Use this block in if condition. i.e

If Firebase authendication is signed in
Then >>after logged in what you assigned same do it here<<
Else >> direct to registration page<<

Keep the above said blocks in screen 1 initialise

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Or in simple you can you tinDB method. Of a user successfully authedicated mean store value as true with a tag status.

And in the screen intialise, call tinyDB with the tag status.
If this value true mean it is understood he is authenticated so hide the registration page and direct him to what so ever.

And if the value is false mean it is understood he is not authedicated so direct him to registration or login screen.

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Cool, in the morning I’ll do both, let’s see if it works. Thanks for the tip.

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1-Your question suggests that you need programming logic and not Kodular knowledge. (Study)
2- This same question, like yours (how to avoid more than 1 record), exists here in the community with answers.
3- Studying Programming logic is more important than knowledge of the programming language.
4- Responses like above, have been here in the community for a long time.

Some want the blocks ready (low effort method) and some give them the blocks ready.

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