Some bugs in the palette tabs

when I opens my makeroid builder.the names of the palette tab were invisible:



It works in my computer :confused:

but not in my computer. i am using chrome browser.

Have you tried other browsers or to enter with Incognito Mode?
I think it’s a bug with cache or something like that

i also facing the same problem

Try using this refresh:


It makes a forced refresh on Chrome, forcing all assets to be download again without taking care of cache

não resolveu

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Qual browser está sendo usado? Foi testado em outro browser pra comparar? Tenho usado aqui no Google Chrome sem problemas

Brother I tried it. but it didnt work for me . what should i do now

What browser are you using?

Google chrome

Could you try other browsers as Opera or Firefox?

yes. in firefox it works nicely.

google Chrome

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