Someone will be paid $6 usd

someone will be paid $6 usd, anyone want?, just make a simple online game (Tic Tac Toe)…

I can do it… but $6 doesn’t cover my work

it’s a student budget, i’m finishing my final school assignment, and i need this help, it’s very confusing to do it myself buddy…:sleepy:
are you willing to pay $6?:pray::confused:


look at this, this block uses bluetooth but can you change it to use Firebase?

link does not work

So you’re paying for someone to do your coursework? Isn’t that a form of cheating?

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:laughing: Malpractice in school project lol

no need to pay !

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@UnknownMan541 thanks for referring to my extension

@retasbalik i have made this extension for educational purpose and made it open source so that others can learn from it, you can use it freely, and for you i would try to add some more features (if I could get time) which can help you to make online game through it…

Anyways all the best for your project