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i have given my block of colin list view and i want to sort it by the numbers i have given before name like 1 to 10 how can i write block for the same

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Did you used AppyBuilder’s List Utils - Sort block?

If you use AppyBuilder’s extension your list will be sorted alphabetical.

But if you want to sort your list like:

Then, you can use Bubble sorting algorithm.
This is App Inevntor one:

You can download project AIA there and you can add blocks to backpack, so you can use them for your project.


i didnt understand that :frowning: its a big block its going above my head
do i need to create this big block

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No of course :sweat_smile:

  • Download AIA from there
  • Import AIA file to Kodular as new project
  • Go Blocks, and add all blocks to backpack.
  • Go to your project, go Blocks and open backpack and take blocks you added to backpack.
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Hi. I’ve tryed these blocks too, and it worked totally fine. But when I want to sort some names, the names with a capital letter will be ordered first, and then the names with lowercase letters will be ordered (example: Apple, Orange, apple, Orange). Is ther a way to sort these names in an order like that: Apple, apple, Orange, orange?