Sound in notification

How do I make the notification sound when the person receives the notification on their cell phone?

which component or extension are you using to send the notification?
usually a notification uses the default settings of your device…

how do i make the notification work in the background? even if the app is closed?


Where did you add the notification style , in which function block there add any sound to play for 1/2/3sec… simple

the problem is not actually the sound, notification does not appear in the background, like even if the app is closed the notification no appears.

Bugs not yet been solved with onesignal notification. But notification style extension works good but I hope it won’t run if app is closed. But you can integrate with background task extension.

where do i find this extension? sorry i’m brazilian i have to translate everything ksksksk

Here in comunnity… Search :mag: “back ground task Extension”

Background Tasks [4.0] …

And you’ll have to read the extension thread to understand which blocks you’ll need to use. And then try to use the blocks…

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