Sound recorder not saving the recording

I know that there are many topics about this in the community and I have read them but nothing solved my problem.
The sound recorder saves the recorded file while using in the companion but it does not work in the apk

Please help me

It looks like you forgot to set the SavedRecording property before starting to record
See also how it is done for example here


the way i did used to work for me, i tried SavedRecording before but it didnt work, i have attached the blocks below

Well, how can you store something in shared storage without setting up previously the SavedRecording property?

Also remember, if the file already is there, for example after using the companion app, then later while using the apk file you can’t overwrite ite because the apk does not own files stored with ohrr apps, here the companion app


As i am testing my app i delete the recorded file before every test is complete

As per the documentation of the sound recorder if the SavedRecording string is empty then it will store the file in a appropriate location

yes, which is the ASD… but not shared storage as in your blocks

So i use the move block to move it from the ASD to the shared storage i have attaches the blocks in my first post. I think that the after sound recorded blpck is not working in app

Which results in the already given answers becoming useless… why don’t you just continue in the thread rather than modifying existing posts?

Why do you think so?
Remember, this was your issue

Is this still the question? I’m confused now…


First of all, thank you for replying

Yes this is still the question

Because it does not save the file in the apk
Voice.aia (50.3 KB)
Here is the aia file i request you to check this file whenever you are free

Thank you very much, what you said was right i had not set the SavedRecording blocks properly once again thank you very much