Speech Recognition API key

Hi Developers,

please guide me can we use "Speech Recognition " and “Text to Speech” components in our project without API key
Is google allow this?
please comments in details…Thanks


Speech recognition extension is there which you can use… & for text to speech no api required

Thanks.I got it.
but my question is still there…
Can we use kodular Speech Recognition component without API key
Please answer my question
I have checked the kodular documention.But there is no answer of my question

there is no property to add an API key, so you actually can’t use it with API key

Can we publish our app on play store without API key of this component…Is google allow this use?
Please explain in details
2nd please guide us kodular which components must required API key for publishing the app on play store
Waiting for your response…
Thanks in advanced

(this is the detailled answer)

there is no such think necessary, upload and publish, that’s all
see also Uploading Your Apps to Google Play


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Thanks a lot!!
It’s done

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