Shopping List with speech recognition

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Shopping List

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Do your shopping list easy and fast.
Made with Kodular and Colin Listview extension.


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New spanish version with more options using the selected items (copy, join or delete items).

aia please.

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I don’t share the source code. Make it yourself, it’s easy.

This guy doesn’t want to create his own apps. He just wants aia files and other people to give him blocks for his apps.

See here.

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yes, I see, he must think people spends a lot of time making one app for later give it free :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Developers,

can we used speech recognition component witout Google API key…?
Please comment.

Thanks in advance

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Obviously not… @intv2018

Thanks 4r reply…
Are u sure ?
Is google allow this…?
plz explane in details