Spreadsheet in a List Picker

Good afternoon,
I would like a list picker’s options to be all the “Users” section in Airtable’s Spreadsheet. In this case I would like them to be: Text 1, Text 2 and Text 3.

I would like someone to help me.
Thank you.

Postscript: I have not found any posts that solve this problem. Sorry if it already existed.

Follow this step
Make variable with create empty list
Step 2:
Call value from airtable , basically from that column and store it in that created variable
Step 3:
Then use a elements block from the spinner component and attached that variable to that spinner elements block
Hope you understand.

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Excuse me, I’m new to the topic of variables and lists. I have not understood very well what you mean.

what do you want , means where you have to show that data in list vieew oe in spinner

Hey, in below aia i gave you both the example
how to show data in spinner from airtable
and how to show data in listview from airtable
Note: add your api key and base id for airtable unless its not work, because i not entered the airtable details.
Airtabledatainspinner.aia (1.9 KB)
if this is the solution then gave the solution mark to it, other can get benefits of this

Infinite thanks! I needed the solution today. Thank so much for your help.

welcome and it my pleasure

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