SQLite DELETE Component with 2 Conditions

I want to
DELETE FROM t_tj WHERE TJ_Tgl = ‘2022-10-15’ AND TJ_NoNota = ‘1501’.

How to put this on SQLite.DELETE component in kodular?

Exactly like this

You might want to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks including Do it result… note: SQlite is case sensitive…


Thank you for your replay

this is my block



When I do DELETE with one condition, just like below, SUCCESS

However I dont know how to DELETE with two condition like this

DELETE FROM t_tj WHERE TJ_Tgl = ‘2022-10-15’ AND TJ_NoNota = ‘1501’.

I dont know sintax to do this

I hope U understand my point, english is not my native language

Try the whereClause TJ_Tgl = ? AND TJ_NoNota = ?
And put both arguments into the whereArgs list


Result always -1 when I use below block

Below block, A and B dont want to stick in to “and component”
AND component refuse to accept ‘A’ n ‘B’


Below Block, result -1

Below Block, result -1

Below Block, result -1

any idea what should i do?

Put exactly that text into the where clause without using the and block


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Thank you so so much for your help @Taifun

I never imagine in string component I can do that in where clause

I have been searching for my problem for 5 days and find nothing.

Thank you so much

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