Storage permission

i make a webview application using makeroid. but when i want to upload a photo in this app…photo not upload !

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I’m not sure if upload already works for webview.
@pavi2410 will add soem new things.

Maybe he can answer it.

sir,can i send you the aia file? @Mika

If you mean the assets in the Builder, then you have to reload the page (after you try to upload something).

upload option not work! if you permission me, i will send you the apk file…u can try this… @Ka_Fa @pavi2410

You mean this?

i have a listing website, where u can list item and upload photos…i convert this website to app using makeroid webview component . but in app i cant upload photo! @Ka_Fa

I understand you now.

Sorry, I think I can not help you in this case

i think this is a storage permission problem! can i send you the apk ? @Ka_Fa @Mika

Is it a Storage problem. Do you have the Permission checked, if not then yes that may be otherwise it’s not added.

actually photo/videos not upload in webview app! @hammerhai