Store firebase data value in blocks randomly

I created two simple android.intent.action.VIEW one for sms and another for calling purpose
and strore value in it with the help of smple text block


now i want to switch that text block with firebase fixed tag and swipe that text with value which is store in firebase how to do that anyone can tell me

ill show you the blocks for better understanding

in firebase for ex. the tag is Phoneno
in it phno1 : value and i want the value randombly

in block you can see the number text block that block i want to swipe with that random phno1 value

try this,

Surely it will work. Just add those extra blocks and all into your project and test. I have used two variable. One to get all the phone numbers from firebase another one tho get random number. Since you are using three button click you should ask random in one click. Instead of that if use pick random from list in two button then you wont get unique random number.

If you get any error quote it.

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