Story book app with firebase

Please I need help on how I can build a real time Story book with firebase with the story having chapters and episode. Please help me even though it’s a tip of what I want

what help you want. Please elaborate.
So that we will try to help You…

How can we show PDF files in list view from firebase

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You can do it using list view image with firebase & make app open pdf files .

Can you show blogs for example

I can’t because i never created but if you want i can make but you have to pay me for that.

Sure but u should clear my doute

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ok give me 2 day i will provide you complete aia .

I want a dynamic story app where I can add category story and story episodes without editing the app but to provide new story through firebase

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Whatsapp me. Take aia

hello sir can you please tell me how i create it ?
i also want to create a app which contain list of pdf so please help .

I already provided aia. to many people. Its paid aia.
If you want PM me to contact.