Subscriber mate an app to increase subscriber

What is the name of your app?

Subscriber Mate

Describe your app:

An app that will help to increase subscriber by exchanging subscribers and also get to find new and exciting channels on the go…

Nice UI and every thing is done dynamically in this app…

From every device only one account can be created and account will be banned immediately if caught cheating dynamically… so do not worry about loosing subscribers…

First 10 users will be given 90 points for free
From 11th to 2th user will be given 70 Points for free
From 21st to 30th user will be give 50 points for free



App Store/Download link:

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I really want to see the app’s screen shots but it looks that something strange happened while uploading it. :thinking:
BTW, congratulations for your app


please check now

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is this a kind of Earning App.

no this is not a earning app…but if you want to buy points you will be able to do so

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Why we need to buy points.

Means what the use of it.

to start a campaign for getting subscribers, you can either earn points by subscribing others channel or buy points and start a campaign

Ok got it.

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please download the app and provide feedback to me if there is any glitch or problem you find in the app…

Well, you could improve the UI, or change the font. You can see examples here:


How Do You Detect That User Subscribed Successfully

Have you tried the app? It’s coded inside…

To all the youtubers please download this app and help me make this app successful and as well increase your subscribers for free…

Can i upload this app in play store? Does this app goes against playstore privacy policy?

itz create in android studio…

i think he made it using Kodular.

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Surely it goes against YouTube Policies.

i Don’t think the App will be Accepted.
this App violates many Policies.

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How he can detect subscribe Or not

It’s created in kodular

But there are so many apps regarding sub 4 sub in playstore