My app is being rejected and is telling not suitable for monetization

My app is simple app for video creators who just started and want to share their video with other creators.
The procedure of app is simple
The gain few credits by watching video ads
Share video on the platform by adding link to their video.

I am using google sheets as database.
I donno if they are considering it as earning app but my app is no where related to it.
[Please let creators know what is wrong with the app]

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Can you show your app’s interface?

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What description have you given at time of monitizaton ?

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I think your app will be view 4 view of YouTube videos. Isn’t it?

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Similar yes

Similar to this

I think kodular must have thought like @devcafeofficial and also me and your app is rejected @Titan_geek .

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Wait how is that even a violation?

That’s violation of YouTube policy no one can do that

can i refer to any link?