Swipe to refresh layout is not working properly

Any one please help me.I got a huge problem.i.e swipe to refresh layout is not working properly.Let me come to the point.
—> When i scroll down it work smoothly but when i
scroll up it auto start to refresh without reaching
the top.When i scroll up it dont go up but
refresh the page.

Show your blocks to increase chances of getting a solution.

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Can I get a sample APK to test?

Hello sir i have attached my block.Can you give me some idea.

Please attach a demo APK here so that I can take a quick view at it.

I think currently no solution for this problem
because there is no blocks exist to detect top of Scroll arrangement

you have to find other DIY.
Means try another way to Refresh Page or use fixed Arrangement

why you are using Scroll arrangement can you show screenshot of app.

First i have used swipe refresh layout but it dint work now i am using extension fro solving problems but i dint.I am using scrolling arrrangement because i want to scroll my web viewer.And the extension works only in scroll arrangement.please help…

Ok sir waid it is just exporting


Hello sir i have already read this documentation mut it dint work for me because i am using it in webviwer.Any solution please help me…

Well, in the past the WebView component had the Swipe to Refresh option

Sir actually i am refreshing webview component.Is there any way to to refresh like by buttom function if then can you share it.

But why they removed it.Is there any reason for doing that or is there any other similar solution for refreshing.Sir if you have any solution please share with me…

Wait a few minutes. Will send an aia soon.

Thank you sir.

We can give you a hug! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


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My bad …spelling incorrect…but can you please help me to solve problem…

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Hi @webcomments7 , sorry to say, the extension seems not working with Kodular. But, it’s working with Thunkable though. I request @Taifun to take a look at it.

Thank you sir for your kind information.I did found another method i.e refresh the page with button function and works well.But if you find the way to do with swipe please share your idea and method.I love to learn different method…

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