Regarding Swipe Refresh Extension of Colin Tree

while i am registering swipe refresh with vertical scroll arrangement, components disappear which are under the VSA. If anybody noticed this issue, please give me a solution.

Please find the AIA and have a look in SCREEN 3
TestApp.aia (608.6 KB)

You can try to use the inbuilt swipe to refresh component :sweat_smile::
See here a usage example with webview:

BTW, it’s better to share blocks image, rather then sharing an aia


Thank you for your suggestion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . But there is a Bug in Colin tree’s Swipe Refresh Extension. No need to see my blocks becoz I have just registered the Arrangement. After registered I couldn’t find the components which are under that Arrangement.

So you need to use the native component, instead of using an extension, that has bugs :wink:

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