Switching Screen Randomly:

i want to create an app with many screens more like a book and I want to randomly switch screens when I tap and is swipe to change screens Available …Any Help…

make a List of all screen names.
And use “pick a random item from list” Block.

But using many many screens is not a good idea.

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I agree, but it would not be better to create a list with vertical arrangement instead of screens. This way you use a single screen.

Hi, @tommyphiri7, if you want to make a book app, you can follow this guide and modify the code according to your needs

That’s what i said / mean -


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For that reason i say: " I agree "
Then i suggested to replace screens by vertical arragement and list them to make ramdon selection of VA

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thanks let me try it out

may i know why because i was thinking screen will be like pages

This look interesting any aia template of this

OK Thanks, ADDYLIN let read link provided much appreciated