Taifun Flashlight is not working in some device!

I am using New updated flashlight extension!

I have made a flashlight app and apk tested in 3 different devices.

Works fine on - SAMSUNG NOTE4 Android Version - 6.0.1
Works fine on - OPPO A7 Adroid Version - 8.1.0
Doesn’t Work on- SAMSUNG J6 Android Version 8.0.0

When I turn on Flashlight on Samsung J6, Flashlight just blinks once & turns off.

I know we can use Camera.ToggleLight component for flashlight But taifun flashlight is better for my app.
So Please help!

For availing best of community please share what you have done right so like blocks

First of all, how? If his Extension is best for your app, geez try my monstrous thing :joy:

I just found the reason!
I think another background apps was preventing to be turn on flashlight.

I cleared all the background apps and reopen the flashlight, it worked!! But I don’t know which app was stopping to use flashlight.
Is there any blocks available to automatically close that kind of apps due to app initialize?

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You need to say that issue to Taifun. Kodular community isn’t right place to say Taifun’s extension problem.

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as far as I know there is no possibility to find this out

it is not an issue of the extension, see again above…