The Flashlight that you program with Kodular does not work when you install it on your phone

I published a flashlight application made with Kodular, when testing it in the test with the emulator it worked correctly, but when publishing it in the Play Store the flash does not turn on, I realized that I must enter the application’s permissions and grant it permission manually, such as What can I do to make this automatic and that the user does not have to do it manually?

Thank you very much, I remain attentive.


I already put the request for permission but it still does not work … I do not know if I am misplacing the name of the permission that must be requested. I am using an extension called TaifunFlashlight1. It would be so nice to be a little more specific. Please.

Check the documentation of

something is missing…

you might want to use the built in flashlight component…

if you like to continue using the extension, then try to ask for the following permission first


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Solution 100% working

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